Hall Court was probably one of the land divisions mentioned in the Doomsday Book but there is no proof for this. Hall Court Manor can however be identified with the holding of John Hall, who was assessed for a subsidy in the reign of Edward I (1272- I307).

The Manor passed to Thomas Hall in 1335.

Owners were then unknown until 1506-07 when Sir William Norreys died "seized of Hall Court" which was held "in chief".

The Manor passed to Sir John Norreys and onto his wife Margaret. During that time there was a tenant Richard Tebbe, who died in 1544. The Norreys family held the Manor until the death of Francis,1st Earl of Berkshire, and when he died his daughter Mary inherited Hall Court. During that time there were 2 tenants, Henry Smith(1625) and William Smith(1638). Mary gave the holding to her late father's steward in 1628, Christopher Monk, who died in 1661. The Manor then passed on to his great nephew, another Christopher Monk (2nd Duke of Albermarle), who died in 1688.

Then in 1804 it became the vicarage. The Rev. Lothian moved there for health reasons; he died in 1842, while Hall Court remained vicarage till 1848 and became Midgham Vicarage in 1869.

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